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Freshcare Food Safety & Quality

Quality Systems to meet the requirements

for production and supply of fresh produce.

Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme


Quality Systems to meet the requirements for supply to – Aldi, Coles, Costco, Metcash and Woolworths.

SQF Food Safety Code

SQF Food Supply Code for Primary Production.

SQF Food Supply Code for Manufacturing.

SQF Quality Code.

Speak to Chris or Joel for assistance

Quality Assurance Systems :

Chris Hall can assist you with QA systems design to meet the compliance requirements of recognised Quality Standards and for meeting specifications for supply to major retailers.  Contact Chris for information about food safety, record keeping,  scope upgrades and for system reviews / pre-audit checks.

Contact Chris : 0419 958 836

Chris Hall
Joel Dinsdale

Freshcare Training :

Joel Dinsdale can provide group and one-on-one training sessions that will ensure that you are educated in Freshcare Food Safety & Quality (FSQ4), Environmental (ENV3) and audit ready. Joel has developed a number of effective support documents that will assist in the implementation of a safe food and/or environmental system.

Contact Joel : 0417 857 675

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