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Quality Inspections

  • Pre-shipment inspections of fresh produce prior to export.
  • Post arrival inspections of fresh produce imports to determine acceptability / customer specifications.
  • Preparation of outturn reports for local and domestic markets at Market City, Canning Vale as well as metropolitan receival points.

All inspection surveys are conducted using appropriate calibrated testing equipment including –

  • Temperature monitors
  • Refractometers – Sugar (Brix TSS)
  • Penetrometers – Pressure testers
  • Sizing rings

Inspection reports include an accurate summary of measures recorded and defects found as well as a “without prejudice” independent assessment. 

Supporting digital photographs and other documentation (where available) is also included. 

Samples may also be taken during the inspection process for further lab testing if needed.

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 ABN 14 091 546 039.

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