Food Safety Testing

TQAS collects and receives lab testing samples on a daily basis (weekdays only).

Samples can be sent to market agents or other tenants of Market City in Canning Vale, W.A for collection by us; or else delivered directly to our office between the hours of 5am to 4pm.

Please contact us for further information about submitting samples for lab testing.

Determining which tests need to be conducted depends upon multiple factors:

  • The type of item being tested
  • Specific testing requirements of your QA Standard
  • Specific testing requirements of your customers
  • Known chemical applications and potential environmental exposures
  • Post-harvest treatments

MRL – Chemical Residues

Chemical residues are measured to Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s) that are defined in the Australian Food Standards Code.

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Microbial Contamination

Microbial testing of E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella and other microbes is a Food Safety requirement for most Quality Standards.

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Heavy Metals Contaminants

Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and other heavy metals levels need to be tested to satisfy the requirements of many Quality Standards.

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Water Testing

Regular testing of irrigation and wash water is essential to manage water quality. Mineral analysis of water can identify useful trace elements, other contaminants or deficiencies.

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Environmental Swabs

Swab testing of work areas, equipment, coolrooms and vehicles can verify effectiveness of cleaning procedures.

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