Support Services

TQAS assist clients with preparation for third party audits as well as ongoing reviews, upgrades and system modifications to meet changes in business scopes, systems, practices and procedures.

Development and implementation of QA verification programs including:

  • Establishment and control of testing programs to ensure systems are operating within established tolerances;
  • Conducting internal audits of established QA systems and procedues;
  • Establish and manage appropriate document controls and record keeping activities;
  • Implement appropriate chemical residue testing program for fresh produce with reported results measured in accordance with prescribed MRL (Maximum Residue Limits);
  • Implement appropriate microbial testing program including:
  • Fresh Produce or semi-processed foods;
  • Environmental swabbing of food handling areas
  • Water Testing
  • Liason with tesing laboratories and communication of interprative testing results
  • Annual program reviews and pre-audit compliance evaluations
  • Advocacy service for all clients in dealing with third party audit organisations and their auditors