Approved Suppliers

Your Quality System needs to define the requirements for your suppliers to be eligible for “Approved Supplier” status. A list of Approved Suppliers should be maintained and be available for audit purposes.

Suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetable produce which you are sourcing for supply should meet your criteria for “on-farm” QA and product food safety testing. Generally, this means they should also comply with exactly the same certification and testing standards which you must meet in order to maintain your own QA accreditation.

In most cases, no current certificate or else no current testing records means your supplier is ineligible for Approved Supplier status and cannot supply.

We manage Approved Supplier Programs for many clients by keeping track of supplier QA certificates and product testing records so that they can be available for verification purposes at the time of QA audits. We provide these clients with anniversary listings and expiry dates so that records can be updated.

We also provide a concise listing of current Approved Suppliers to our clients prior on the eve of their third party audit. To request further information in managing your approved suppliers utilising our database please contact us directly.

Some QA Standards also require a list of Approved Suppliers of other goods and services which are integral to your business e.g. Chemical supplies, Packaging, Refrigeration, Transport etc.

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