Quality Assurance Systems

Quality Assurance is an essential requirement for supplying fresh fruit and vegetable produce to all major retailers within Australia. A current certificate from a recognised Quality Standard is a pre-requisite for supply.

Determining which QA program to implement depends largely upon your own activities and the QA requirements of your customers. QA systems for “on-farm” production will differ from QA systems for packing sheds, transport companies and wholesalers. The only industry recognised QA programs are those which are “Third Party Audited”. This means that certification depends upon passing an audit by an independent auditing body.

QA systems which primarily address food safety require HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plans, Support Programs and Work Procedures to be implemented within the production and supply chain activities. HACCP training for key personnel is also an essential component.

Many internationally recognised QA Standards are available to choose from.

Some of these are proprietary systems which require an invitation from the organisation to participate (e.g. Woolworths). Each has its own degree of complexity and implementation costs which need to be carefully assessed against the benefits to be gained from certification.

Approved Suppliers

Your Quality System needs to define the requirements for your suppliers to be eligible for “Approved Supplier” status.

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QA Essentials

Essential components of every Quality Assurance system.

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Quality Control

Quality Control is a vital component of all Quality Assurance programs.

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Support Services

TQAS assist clients with preparation for third party audits as well as ongoing reviews, upgrades and system modifications.

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